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Customer Service Policy

Release time:2021-08-07 Source:未知
Customer Service Policy
I. Trouble shooting
1. Optoste warrants new systems to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months (six months for serviced parts) from delivery from Shantou under normal use and shall not extend to systems which are misused, improperly installed, altered by anyone other than Optoste.
2.If there were some malfunction with the equipments, please send us the necessary information: 
A. Serial number of the equipment.
B. Detailed description of the malfunction. The more detailed the better. If possible, please send a picture or video of the malfunction phenomenon.
3. Our engineers will diagnose the problem from the information you send, and then find a solution at the soonest. Software problem might be fixed via Internet, yet the solution for hardware problem depends on the actual situation.
If the product is under warranty, we may offer board replacement and you return the defected part to us after replacement.
If it is out of warranty, please return the defected part for repair and service cost will be charged accordingly. 
4.If any service parts need to be repaired or returned to Optoste, please fill in the "Optoste Products Service Application Report" (PSS) and we'll offer a PSS number for sending. Please refer to "III. Obtain return authorization".
5. Minimize charge for service out of warranty to ensure life-time customer care.
II. Training
We can provide training for operation and maintenance of Optoste products in our company, or provide related documents to customers.
III. Freight Policy
1. Under Warranty: The customer is responsible for freight & insurance charges when the equipment is shipped to Optoste for service (this includes customs charges). Optoste is responsible for the freight & insurance charges from Optoste to the customer.
2. Out of Warranty: The customer is responsible for any freight & insurance charges for returned product.
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