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High-power1550nm Fiber Amplifier

OP-1550EAM-B series

* Single-mode fiber 1550 amplification network * FTTH network * CATV network * Long distance trunk network.FTTx PON, max working * wavelength: 1529.16~1563.86nm. * All kinds of SDH/PDH transmission system.

Product overview
  • Built-in optical fwdm,it can transmit broadband network and CATV together.
  • Adopts Er Yb Codoped double-clad fiber technology;
  • Catv input ports: 1 optional
  • Olt input ports: 4-32 optional
  • Com Output ports: 4-32 optional;
  • Optical output power: total output up to 15W(41dBm);
  • Low noise figure: <6dB when input is 0dBm;
  • Perfect network management interface, in line with standard SNMP network management;
  • Intelligent temperature control system make the power consumption lower;

Size chart