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Optical switcher


There are normal optical switches and enhanced optical switches. Enhanced optical switches have RF detection function. It also can switch automatically when RF signal has a fault.

Product overview
  • Use imported high-performance switching devices.
  • Adopt advanced 32 bits processor, coordinate with perfect automatic monitoring systemic circuit. It can timely and accurately monitor input power, reliably control the switch status and setup to the automatic switch mode or the manually switch mode.
  • Built-in blue screen 160×32 dot matrix LCD monitor on the front panel, accurately display all working status parameters.
  • 19″1U height standard rack mount, equipped with standard Ethernet interface correspond with IEEE802.3 10Base-T and RS-232 interface, can conveniently realize network management monitoring.
  • Full support <GB/T 20030-2005HFC Network device management system specification>.

Size chart